Pilates – My New Pleasure, Unexploited Ground

Why didn’t I regularly do Pilates, every day of my life by now? This is my rhetorical question at the moment.

I have recently discovered that the amazing Pilates helps my mind to relax, my body to stretch and my soul to nourish. Sounds idyllic. However, all good things come with a price. In this case means hard work and determination. But even so, I must say – Pilates is a reward for the body and soul.

It is my new physical challenge and it put me off at first, but actually, lots of moves can easily be done at a basic level. So I told myself: ‘Take it easy and start with easy moves’. And it works. It inspires me and refreshes my mind…. and I need it  (but who doesn’t, right 😉 ).

When I exercise, ideas pop into my head… I might actually share one of those ideas 🙂

For someone who thinks about a new challenging move, try my exercise in three steps:

  • lay down on a comfortable mat;
  • imagine (or put) some marbles on your stomach and hold them on for about five minutes;
  • while doing the above, concentrate and breathe 🙂

Now imagine this kind of concentration on every muscle of your body, followed by a very good stretch. The key is to breathe through the exercises.

The result of all this is the inner reward. It feels like after a hiking, the final view it’s worth the challenge!

I’m a beginner and this article comes with first impressions and thoughts about Pilates.

A few inspirational quotes:


‘Change happens through movement and movement heals.’ Joseph Pilates

‘You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.’ Joseph Pilates

‘It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.’ Joseph Pilates