‘Trust Your Gut’ Or ‘Follow Your Mind And Heart’?

‘Trust your gut’, ‘Listen to your heart’ or maybe ‘Go with what your mind tells you’? – What is the most common expression we hear from our loved ones?

We may hear all these helpful suggestions, but what happens is, we usually retain what motivates us the most.

However, here is a thing, the most powerful impact has the advice that relates to our own thinking, beliefs, way of life. In my case, the energy somehow slips from head/mind to heart and from heart…directly to my gut. This is how my ‘mechanism’ operates. But what is characteristic for you is unique to you.

If a person operates more with their rational part of the brain, she/he will probably not react to the expression ‘follow your heart’. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t listen to their heart. Instead they are choosing to analyse and calculate everything, before making a decision.

On the other hand, there are people who operate only with their emotional part of their brain. They are the ones who don’t need sophisticated formulas to be convinced of something. They will make decisions based on their feelings only.

What category do you find yourself into? There is no right or wrong. I would say that it is important to be true to ourselves and find the true answer for ourselves in the first instance. So if you prefer to ‘listen to your heart’ and you hear somebody asking you this expression, don’t you feel that you resonate with this person on some level?

What I want to say is that we all tend to link to people that think or act like us. We react to their thoughts, actions, posts. Interestingly, this helps us identify the persons who we feel most comfortable with… therefore, our friends, comrades, partners etc

Isn’t that amazing, to be accepted and liked!? It sure is, but for this to happen, we need to understand who we are, love ourselves and listen to our mind/body/instinct/soul.

How magical it is to be able to connect with people that feel and think alike… and how important is to accept that everybody is different and that is absolutely natural, unique and beautiful!? Let’s just tune into ourselves and find the answer 🙂