Life – The Energy That Sourrounds Us

Life is the greatest gift of all, we all know it, deep inside us. But how would we explain it, is it just an energy, destiny or a path that we need to follow?

It could be all of the above, couldn’t it!? But there is a powerful meaning behind this word – ‘Life’. To me, it translates into energy, power, love! It’s how they say, life is where love is. It all starts there, with a sparkle of movement, emotion, feeling…

When a song is sang, life is given to that moment. Who sings something that he/she doesn’t like, right? That moment of singing comes from passion, love for a being or a thing. Therefore the sparkle created by one, grows into something that becomes alive and forms memories and emotions in the hearts of others. This is a privilege, to be able to create and receive such gift.

We consider ‘life’ our journey from birth to death. But is that all, is there something more, before or after that? This truth is within ourselves, as everybody has his own belief and vision. What I feel for myself is that life is everywhere, it surrounds our thoughts and our souls. And it is a supreme joy to embrace it. Once we do it, we begin to radiate energy that helps us growing at a spiritual and emotional level.

I like to think that the more we connect our body, mind and soul, the more we can connect to each other. And the more we connect to each other, the more we are able to create positive vibes. In other words, all we need is to be consciuos of what surrounds us and select the best. Now, what is good for me, is not particularily good for you, so the ideea is to select the people who we interract with and things that we create or buy. This could lead to a better vibe arround us, therefore to a better life as we understand it. Let’s celebrate it, every day, in the most beautiful way 🙂

Pilates – My New Pleasure, Unexploited Ground

Why didn’t I regularly do Pilates, every day of my life by now? This is my rhetorical question at the moment.

I have recently discovered that the amazing Pilates helps my mind to relax, my body to stretch and my soul to nourish. Sounds idyllic. However, all good things come with a price. In this case means hard work and determination. But even so, I must say – Pilates is a reward for the body and soul.

It is my new physical challenge and it put me off at first, but actually, lots of moves can easily be done at a basic level. So I told myself: ‘Take it easy and start with easy moves’. And it works. It inspires me and refreshes my mind…. and I need it  (but who doesn’t, right 😉 ).

When I exercise, ideas pop into my head… I might actually share one of those ideas 🙂

For someone who thinks about a new challenging move, try my exercise in three steps:

  • lay down on a comfortable mat;
  • imagine (or put) some marbles on your stomach and hold them on for about five minutes;
  • while doing the above, concentrate and breathe 🙂

Now imagine this kind of concentration on every muscle of your body, followed by a very good stretch. The key is to breathe through the exercises.

The result of all this is the inner reward. It feels like after a hiking, the final view it’s worth the challenge!

I’m a beginner and this article comes with first impressions and thoughts about Pilates.

A few inspirational quotes:


‘Change happens through movement and movement heals.’ Joseph Pilates

‘You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.’ Joseph Pilates

‘It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.’ Joseph Pilates